Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shark Tooth Creek

A group from church went to Shark Tooth Creek in Aliceville, AL. on September 25th. It was a blast!! So much fun for the kiddos! And adults too! Here are some pics!

By the end of the night Avery was plum tuckered out!!  He fell asleep listening to his little fm radio.  So cute!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time with my guy

I went to eat lunch with my favorite guy today at school. It is always fun to spend time with him at school and see what he is learning! We had turkey and gravy for lunch and for school food, it wasn't that bad! Then I went with his class to recess. Boy those kids play hard!! Avery was filthy by the time recess was over! His teacher told me that he is "smart as a whip." Love hearing that!!! She also told me that he got a perfect score on his reading assessment!! Yay! I am such a proud mom! He is way above goal for his Accelerated Reading points goal and quiz average goal!! That's my boy!! : ) He is doing so much better than I could have ever dreamed!! And it just melts my heart to see his little face light up when I walk in his classroom. He just smiles and waves!! I love being a Mommy! There are some trying times, but it is worth every bit!! Hope you all have had a wonderful Wednesday! I sure have! Gonna bake a pizza for supper tonight and watch Marmaduke when the hubby gets home from work. Good times!!! See ya'll soon!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Been gone too long!!!

Hello blogland!!! It has been forever! I was sitting here thinking "wow, I haven't even been to my blog in like 9 months!!" So here I am!! Let's see, what's been going on in my world?! Me and the fam are doing great! Avery started 1st grade in August and he absolutely loves it!! He is having a blast and learning so much! He loves riding the bus too! Makes him feel like big stuff. He is above goal in his AR points (Accelerated Reading) and quiz average. I am so proud! He had straight A's on his progress report so I am hoping for the same on his actual report card. As for Greg, he just started a new job and he likes it a lot so far! Really great pay and he has met a lot of nice people. That always helps! He is working 12 hour days but he is getting great overtime hours and that helps us tremendously!!! It was an answer to prayer when he got the call that he had been hired! I am still staying at home doing the whole mother/wife thingy. I enhoy the peace and quiet during the day while Avery is in school, but still wish I had something to do for myself. I still am hoping to start selling my papercraft goodies and all of my homemade goodies. We'll see how that goes! Wish me luck! Well, I better go for now. Little man has homework and I need to fix supper. Will be back soon! For real this time! : ) Take care everyone!