Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time with my guy

I went to eat lunch with my favorite guy today at school. It is always fun to spend time with him at school and see what he is learning! We had turkey and gravy for lunch and for school food, it wasn't that bad! Then I went with his class to recess. Boy those kids play hard!! Avery was filthy by the time recess was over! His teacher told me that he is "smart as a whip." Love hearing that!!! She also told me that he got a perfect score on his reading assessment!! Yay! I am such a proud mom! He is way above goal for his Accelerated Reading points goal and quiz average goal!! That's my boy!! : ) He is doing so much better than I could have ever dreamed!! And it just melts my heart to see his little face light up when I walk in his classroom. He just smiles and waves!! I love being a Mommy! There are some trying times, but it is worth every bit!! Hope you all have had a wonderful Wednesday! I sure have! Gonna bake a pizza for supper tonight and watch Marmaduke when the hubby gets home from work. Good times!!! See ya'll soon!!

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