Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!  Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great week so far!!  It was looking like rain here earlier, but now the sun is out!  Go figure!  Anywhooo,  not a whole lot going on here today.  Just browsing the web looking at all my fave craft blogs.  If any of you haven't checked out Papertrey Ink's website, go there now!!  I love all of their stamps and die cuts, and everything!!! They have a new release every month on the 15th with all the new stamp sets and die cuts and other products coming out that month.  Can you say, "I want it all?!?"   I love everything! If you want to see what current things they will be releasing on the 15th go to www.nicholeheady.typepad.com and you will see the plethora of items!  So cute!!  I just placed my 1st order with them Sunday and am waiting very impatiently for my order! LOL!!  Can't wait to use all the new goodies!  I'll try to post some more pics soon of things I am making for my carport craft sale.  I've got a lot to do in the next month and a half!!!  See you soon!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday, in the park.....

So, I'm not really at the park nor do I intend on going today, but that's the song that came to mind!! : )    Just chilling this beautiful Saturday morning here in Mississippi.  Hubby ended up having to work some today, but the extra money always comes in handy!!  I am going to do some more crafting for my carport craft sale. I am loving all the little gift card holders I'm making!  Can't wait to get my Etsy store up and running!  Found some post it notes at the Dollar Store yesterday.  4 to a pack for a buck, can't beat it!!  I picked up around 6 packs I think.  Gonna use them for some of my crafts.  Fun, fun!!!   Don't really know what I'll do the rest of the day.  I might go to JCPenny's.  They are having a super good clearance sale right now!  Might go have a lookie and see if I can find me a new shirt or pair of pants.
Oh, and my favorite little man made the A Honor Roll for his first 9 weeks of school!!!  YAY!!  I am so proud of him! His teacher had nothing but great things to say about him, so I know I'm doing something right I guess!!  Looking forward to the next 9 weeks and seeing how he's going to do!  Well, I hope you all have a great Saturday!!  See ya soon!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gift card holders

Here are pics of some cute gift card holders I am making for my carport craft sale.  Easy peasy and so stinking cute!!!

This weather!!

Boy  have I been enjoying this fallish weather!!!  Fall is my most favorite time of year (along with Christmas)!! This past week has been amazing with the cooler weather and bright sunny days!!  But this weekend it is supposed to be in the 80's again!! What?!?  I want it to be fall and stay fall!!! But oh well, I have no control over that! So I'll be thankful that it is a beautiful day!! : )   Just got done scarfing down some orange rolls! Yummo! Fixing to have another cup of joe.  Little man doesn't have school tomorrow. Life is good!!  I have a parent/teacher conference in the morning and Avery will get his report card.  I am looking forward to seeing how well he's doing.  They announced the kids that met their Accelerated Reading goals for the first 9 weeks on the school news broadcast yesterday morning and Avery was so excited when they called his name for 1st grade!!  That boy fools me all the time!  He is so active and non-stop and sometimes doesn't want to listen, but when it comes to school he is totally different!  I mean, he's still active and likes to talk, but he actually listens to his teacher and he's learning so much and he's getting it all!  It amazes me at what he comprehends and does so well on! He has made a 100 on every spelling and vocabulary test.  He was way above average on his Accelerated Reading goal and quiz goal.  And he is even doing really great in Math!!!  I am a proud Mom for sure!! That boy lights up my life like you wouldn't believe!!  Looking forward to him getting off of the bus today!!
I did some crafting yesterday. Finally!!  I made some cute gift card holders for my carport craft sale. They are precious!!  I will probably work on some more today along with some other things. I'll make sure to post pics!!  I have a blast doing all my craftiness!  I will be posting some things on Etsy as soon as I get that squared away.  I'll make sure to post my Etsy address here as soon as I get one!!  Well, I hope you all have a super blessed day!! See you soon!  Here is a fall card I made yesterday.  Kind of bright, but I like the colors!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, Monday

Well, it's Monday.  I kept Avery home from school today because he was complaining of an upset belly and he threw up just a smidge.  Thought I better play it safe instead of  being sorry later!!  No fever or anything so that is good!!  He is watching cartoons now.  Hopefully it will pass.  Not a whole lot of excitement going on today.  Will probably head to the grocery store later to get some things for supper.  Making a tator tot casserole. Yummo!!  Greg and Avery love it too!  Going to play around with some new craft stuff today.  Got a new cute stamp set with coffee cups and cute little sayings on it.  I love my coffee!!!  And I got some new fall designer papers. So I'll be playing with my goodies today! I'll post pics of my creations a little later or tomorrow.  And as soon as I get a little business checking account, I will begin posting my creations on Etsy to sale, so be looking for that to happen soon! I'll keep ya posted!  I wish you all a super great and blessed Monday!!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Paying Respect

Wish I was coming home for a different reason.  We came home to pay respect my brother-in-law's Dad, Mr. Nick Smith.  He passed away Friday morning around 3:00 a.m.  He was such a sweet man and will be greatly missed!!  We are thinking of the family and keeping them in our prayers.  He had been battling cancer for around 5 years with such dignity!  He was very strong in his faith and had no doubt he would be joining Jesus in Heaven.  So nice to know he is cancer free and pain free now!  We will be going to the funeral home in a couple of hours. He was so loved and had been a member of the same church for 40+ years.  There will be a great gathering of family and friends for sure!!  Hope to post tomorrow too. We will be heading back to Mississippi sometime early tomorrow.  Praying for a safe trip!! And to Mr. Smith I say, "Goooo Jackets!!!!"  : )