Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Another rainy day here in Mississippi!  But I am thankful for the rain!  Not a whole lot going on here today.  I am going to the Chiropractor again today.  I have to go every day this week and then 3 days next week.  Then I will go twice a week for 4 weeks. My neck is really messed up!!  I thought for sure my back would be just as messed up but she said it wasn't that bad. That's good news!!  My Mom and Dad came for a visit last week and we had a blast! Avery was super surprised when they walked into his classroom to see him and eat lunch with him! It was so cute!!  The visit just wasn't long enough, but I get to see them in 17 days!! YAY!!  I can't wait for Thanksgiving week!  All 4 of us girls will be there and boy, we are gonna have fun!!  Good times for sure!!
I've been doing some crafting still to get ready for my craft sale.  I've still got lots of things to do, so I need to get a fire under my hiney and do it!! : )    Me, Greg, and Avery went to Country Pumpkins in Caledonia, MS. the other weekend and it was so much fun!  They had lots to do for Avery.  Took some great pics which are to follow this post!  Hope you all have a super, blessed day!!!    Jennifer

Sorry for all the pics!!  I just wanted to share! : )

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