Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday, in the park.....

So, I'm not really at the park nor do I intend on going today, but that's the song that came to mind!! : )    Just chilling this beautiful Saturday morning here in Mississippi.  Hubby ended up having to work some today, but the extra money always comes in handy!!  I am going to do some more crafting for my carport craft sale. I am loving all the little gift card holders I'm making!  Can't wait to get my Etsy store up and running!  Found some post it notes at the Dollar Store yesterday.  4 to a pack for a buck, can't beat it!!  I picked up around 6 packs I think.  Gonna use them for some of my crafts.  Fun, fun!!!   Don't really know what I'll do the rest of the day.  I might go to JCPenny's.  They are having a super good clearance sale right now!  Might go have a lookie and see if I can find me a new shirt or pair of pants.
Oh, and my favorite little man made the A Honor Roll for his first 9 weeks of school!!!  YAY!!  I am so proud of him! His teacher had nothing but great things to say about him, so I know I'm doing something right I guess!!  Looking forward to the next 9 weeks and seeing how he's going to do!  Well, I hope you all have a great Saturday!!  See ya soon!

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