Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, Monday

Well, it's Monday.  I kept Avery home from school today because he was complaining of an upset belly and he threw up just a smidge.  Thought I better play it safe instead of  being sorry later!!  No fever or anything so that is good!!  He is watching cartoons now.  Hopefully it will pass.  Not a whole lot of excitement going on today.  Will probably head to the grocery store later to get some things for supper.  Making a tator tot casserole. Yummo!!  Greg and Avery love it too!  Going to play around with some new craft stuff today.  Got a new cute stamp set with coffee cups and cute little sayings on it.  I love my coffee!!!  And I got some new fall designer papers. So I'll be playing with my goodies today! I'll post pics of my creations a little later or tomorrow.  And as soon as I get a little business checking account, I will begin posting my creations on Etsy to sale, so be looking for that to happen soon! I'll keep ya posted!  I wish you all a super great and blessed Monday!!


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