Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boy is it windy!!

We had a good bit of rain here last night and this morning. Now it is extremely windy and cold!! I think Georgia is supposed to get a good bit of bad weather today, so I hope my family stays safe! I wantd to post some pics today of random things. Some of halloween and some of cards and things I made for the Ladies Retreat gift basket. Oh, and a recipe I just found on the Pioneer Woman blog. I love her blog! So many good recipes and stories about homeschooling, ranch life, photography, and other things. She is so funny too! She has a cookbook that just came out and I really want it! Not that I need another cookbook, as I have quite a plethora of them, but one more won't hurt! And she was featured in the December issue of Southern Living magazine. Pretty cool! So here are some pics. Enjoy! Hope you all have a blessed day! Jennifer

Here is the cutest Optimus Prime ever!! Avery looked so cute in his costume! We had a great time at the Trunk or Treat and we had lots of candy left over.

Some more pics of the Trunk or Treat. Lots of fun!!

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