Monday, November 9, 2009

Good morning all! It looks like we might be getting a little rain today. I think that Ida storm is gonna get us with it's outer edges! I am enjoying my coffee and fixing to start homeschool with Avery. Getting a later start than I wanted. But luckily, kindergarten doesn't take too long! I will be making some more Thank You cards today for the people that helped with the Trunk or Treat. I'll take some pics and get some posted of those cards. And I'll try to get pics posted of the items I made for the Ladies Retreat gift basket. I had so much fun making everything for it and it turned out great!! We had a great time at the retreat! It was at Lake Tiak-O-Khata in Louisville, Mississippi. Such a beautiful place! I'd like to go back again someday soon with the fam. Well, I better get Avery started on his expanding his brain. He is quite the little smarty if I must say so! Only 4 months into the school year and he is already reading short sentences and short stories very good!! And his handwriting is so neat too, for a five year old boy. I can't believe he will be 6 years old in 2 weeks! My turkey boy! He is growing up so fast and I don't like it one bit! But, nothing I can do about it. I just pray he grows into a good Christian young man and always has the desire that he has now to be in church whenever the doors are open. He is so cute when he talks about God and Jesus and how important they are! I pray he always feels that way. Well, I'll be back later with some pics. Blessings for a great day to you all!!

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