Monday, November 9, 2009

New Blog!

So, I've decided to start a blog. I thought, "Why not?". I thought it would be fun to share different crafts I've created and the everyday happenings in my household. I hope you enjoy checking my blog on a weekly basis. I will try to update and post often. I will be posting a little bit of this and that. So make sure to check back often!

So today was a lazy day for me as I had a terrible headache. Greg and Avery went to Sunday School and Church without me. I stayed home and nursed my head. I finally felt some relief a little after lunch time. Migraines are relentless! But I perservered!! Greg finished cutting grass after lunch and it looks so pretty!

I am so happy that my Georgia Tech Yellowjackets won Saturday! They are having an awesome year so far! Hope it continues! And Greg's Crimson Tide won also. So it was a great football day for us!

Well, I guess I better hit the hay. It is late! Ready for a great week of homeschooling and whatever the Good Lord has in store for me! I pray all of you have a great week! Come back soon!

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