Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday!

Happy Monday all! Is there such a thing as Happy Monday?!? Probably not, to many people! : ) It's a pretty day here today. Had a great weekend and a great day at Sunday School and church yesterday! Took some more pics for the children's Christmas program. These kids are a trip!! They look so cute in the costumes. Avery was one of the wise men in the pics we took yesterday out here at the house. Cute!

Greg and the boys didn't get a deer Saturday. Greg said Avery wouldn't sit still or be quiet. Imagine that! But they had fun. Well I better get going. I have to go and get some stuff to fill up a shoebox for one of the children on the Navajo Indian Reservation. They have a Navajo mission at the church and they take a trip out to Arizona every year to the reservation there. Me and Greg really want to try and go next year. From the pics I see, it looks absolutely beautiful out there and the kids look so cute!

Hope you all have a great and wonderfully blessed day!! Jennifer

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